SME Solution

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the world’s largest employers, accounting for 90% of all companies in most countries. Due to the fragmented and heterogeneous nature of SMEs, it has been challenging for insurers to serve this segment, resulting in a significant insurance protection gap.

SMEs increasingly expect an offering that includes a digital online service and personalised risk and product advice, enabled through an intuitive experience.

We develop solutions that help to target this growth opportunity through collaborative partnerships, which unite industry knowledge with Swiss Re’s risk expertise.

A digital, client-centric and API-based platform for insurers and SMEs

The SME Solution offers various features which can be assembled in a modular approach to tailor the solution to specific needs. By reducing complexity for insurers and SMEs alike, the platform optimises the SME insurance sales journey.

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SME search, triage & risk selection

A SME is identified and assessed using data from a variety of sources including Swiss Re’s CatNet®, enabling risks to be analysed in real-time and with historical hazard data.

Grade I buildings are historic and protected buildings.


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