Smart Homes solutions

Becoming a safety provider; the insurer's opportunity beyond claims

Rethinking insurance for the home

The impact of technology on the insurance industry brings challenges but also growth and profitability opportunities. You have the possibility to improve risk portfolio steering, increase customer engagement and expand to new sources of income generation through end-to-end solutions. The industry is rethinking the emerging business model and the path to the Next Generation of the home insurance. 

Keeping loved ones safe

A shift from a linear to a platform business model starts to take shape with a "Lifestyle insurance" at the core.  Technology and derived data will enable preventive and dynamic services customised to individual's risks and lifestyles.  As Safety providers, you will not limit your cover to material belongings but expand to keeping customers' loved ones, safe.

Next generation of insurance

As a Risk Intelligence company, Swiss Re is combining its deep risk expertise with AI capabilities to "fast-track" insurers to the Next generation of Insurance.  You benefit from a global smart home's market knowledge, scientific approach to emerging pricing models and curated ecosystems of global and local partners.  

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