From Kitchenware to Ransomware

Natalie left her house on a fine June morning to cycle the half-hour journey to work. She had no idea that she was enjoying her last period of calm for several weeks.

Natalie liked to arrive at work early. The first two hours, before the office filled up and the phone began ringing, were great for getting things done. She had taken over the role of CEO of Alpen Cookware from her father six months earlier and was proud of how the company was doing, especially in the difficult economic environment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Alpen Cookware was a solid company. Founded by Natalie’s grandparents, they produced high-end kitchen supplies such as pots and pans as well as kitchen scales and timers. The company headquarters, in the small Alpine town of Chur, Switzerland, comprised a production facility, a separate warehouse and a small office building. Most of their employees – approximately 150 people – worked there.

Coffee in hand, she sat down at her desk, shuffled the previous day’s documents to the side, and pressed the start button on her computer. The first order of business that morning was to finalise the contract with the Austrian distributor. Just one more read-through from her side and it would be ready to go. She decided to do this even before looking at her e-mail inbox. She clicked on the icon to open the file, expecting the usual start-up procedure.

But what was this? Her screen remained blank for a couple of seconds and then a strange window opened:
<<All your files and systems are encrypted by AMAZE>>

You want to know what happened next?

Read this story about a company which was hit by ransomware and how it remediated with the help of Swiss Re and CyberScout’s Incident Response team.

From Kitchenware to Ransomware

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