Cyber Analytics Platform

For cyber risk scoring, portfolio and accumulation management

Complex risk landscape
The complex and rapidly changing risk landscape makes it challenging and costly to understand and steer cyber risk insurance business. Assessing cyber risk is intricate and time-consuming and deriving actionable insights is operationally challenging. Additionally, allocating risk capital can be problematic, given the potential for risk accumulation.

Complementary views to better understand cyber risk
Our Cyber Analytics Platform allows clients to obtain risk scores for a single company, whole portfolios and industries, perform peer comparisons and identify accumulation areas. It represents the combination of state-of-the-art data science techniques, extensive risk knowledge and profound industry expertise.

Helping you grow your business and steer your portfolio
With the Cyber Analytics Platform you rapidly assess cyber risk quality and gain a better understanding of your portfolio composition and performance drivers. With CAP, you can define target markets and industry segments for effective portfolio steering, perform peer comparisons and single risk searches to scout for new targets and complement the traditional approach (questionnaire) for an objective point of comparison to assess your cyber exposures. Moreover, our experts offer you guidance and support throughout your underwriting needs.


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