Swiss Re ADAS risk score

Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles improve road safety and insurance portfolio performance simultaneously.

What if you could achieve a more accurate image of the risk affecting the vehicles in your motor portfolio? As well as the mitigation power of fitted advanced safety systems of your insured vehicles? What if you could know their impact on frequency and severity?

Swiss Re ADAS risk score is the key to securing all that knowledge. Partnering with car manufacturers worldwide, we know what safety systems are fitted into insured vehicles, and how effective they are in protecting and improving the safety of vehicles and its occupants.

Performance of safety systems is the new risk in motor

As vehicles' actions in critical situations become increasingly automated, spotlight will shift from the driver to the vehicle itself. We examined which safety systems, known as ADAS are present in cars. What their capabilities are in different traffic situations, under various conditions, considering both – safety as well as cost of repairs. 

Available worldwide, the Swiss Re ADAS risk score can be retrieved in real time from our platform. Built on robust statistical methodologies, it gives a clear indication of how the safety performance of a vehicle is affected by its ADAS equipment. The score allows to accurately reflect such technological improvements into your insurance tariffs and underwriting activities.  

Thanks to a backward -and forward- looking evaluation of the risk, Swiss Re is capable of scoring vehicles even before their market release, hence avoiding any time latency in updating the risk evaluation of new systems. We help accurately price ADAS-enabled vehicles to boost the profitability of your motor book. 

Consumer loyalty means attracting the right risk

Insurers can use the score as a risk assessment tool benefiting both their underwriting and portfolio management activities. The score acts as an independent rating factor, complementing your pre-existing rating model. There's no need to change current tariff and UW procedures. Swiss Re is providing its top-class actuarial capabilities to ensure a smooth integration of the ADAS risk score into your tariff and underwriting practices.

Technologies such as ADAS can dramatically reduce road casualties and develop a safer mobility future. By encouraging customers to purchase ADAS enabled vehicles, accidents will be reduced, building a more resilient world.