Helping you to focus on the right risks at the right time

The 2018 Casualty Risk Trends reports support your underwriting decisions, helping you to focus on the right risks at the right time.

Aimed at Casualty Underwriters the reports capture short-term industry trends and developments that have the potential to change the insurance risk landscape in the near term. The 2018 edition has been completely revamped; it now comes as a series of industry-specific standalone brochures which can be used for discussions on specific trends in an industry, or collectively as a series of documents.

For example, in the oil and petrochemical industry report we discuss how infrastructure systems such as pipelines, roads, railroads and terminals, are critical for the transport of hydrocarbons. But because these are being upgraded at a slower pace than the oil industry demands it, the already stressed infrastructure is becoming a bottleneck, limiting the industry’s transportation capacity and affecting the reliability of the hydrocarbon supply chain. For this reason it is important that mid-/long-term flexible planning strategies for hydrocarbon transportation are in place, and alternative solutions for bypassing clogged transportation infrastructure (including a comprehensive risk evaluation) should be explored.

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Casualty Trends 2018

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