Infrastructure - The foundation of societal resilience

Infrastructure is key to long-term economic growth and resilient societies. It helps improve people’s quality of life and reduces inequalities by supporting connectivity and fostering change for the better. But infrastructure projects are costly and must consider economic, environmental and social impacts to make a positive impact.

To ensure that our infrastructure stands on a sustainable footing two main challenges are to be met: the infrastructure funding gap and finding climate risk sustainable alternatives to reducing carbon emissions.

Re/insurance can act as driver for sustainable infrastructure investments as we play a significant role as a risk taker. Infrastructure projects require huge upfront investments for design and construction as well as for ongoing operation and maintenance. They involve potential risks and financial liabilities throughout their project life cycle and along the entire value chain. As a risk taker, we offer solutions that mitigate the risks for investors and operators of infrastructure projects. At the same time we also operate as a long-term investor.

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