Global casualty expertise for tailor-made solutions

We’re living in transformative times

An uncertain economic environment and tough underwriting conditions are creating profitability challenges for us all. On top of that, the need  to stay apace of technological advancements  is adding complexity. That said, we  view the need to change as a trigger for new opportunities.

Trusted relationships

Our Casualty teams have a long history of partnering with insurers to uncover and address their needs.  From those relationships, we’ve built an unparalleled global network of established and upcoming industry players.

More than risk sharing

Most companies are only capable of assisting with one part of your product development journey. When we work with you on a Casualty solution, we are involved from proof of concept to commercialisation. In fact, we share the costs and risks throughout.

An enviable track record

We work with you on a variety of Casualty lines of business earning a reputation for creating client value across the industry. That’s why we were ranked as  the #1 reinsurer globally on NMG Consulting’s most recent Flaspöhler Study.