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The next big data revolution in life insurance

When electronic health records (EHR) emerged, we knew it was the beginning of something great for insurers. I used to think – somewhat naively – that the key to using clinical data was more connections, wider coverage and higher hit rates. We realized we had a much bigger problem.  Aspiration (and enthusiasm) turned to harsh reality when carriers began telling us "even if you get me more data, I can't use it."

We have believed all along that clinical health data sources have the potential to increase the speed of underwriting, replace traditional fluid collection, transforming underwriting into a more individualized experience. We know the industry shares our vision of data-driven underwriting and an improved customer experience.

Last year, 40% of carriers were not yet using EHRs to support their ability to make underwriting decisions. Of the carriers who were using EHR, half were able to make decisions only 25% of the time. If data truly continues to proliferate in every link of the life insurance value chain, why are our rules engines underutilized and our referral rates climbing?

Despite hit rates rising every day and data aggregators gaining access to ever increasing pools of clinical data, the glaring reality is that clinical data is deeply disordered. There are many reasons for this issue, and as downstream users of the data, insurers are unable to get to the source to mitigate it.

There are approximately one million clinical codes in use with more being generated all the time. Couple those codes with the vast array of EHR systems which process and house them in innumerable ways, and the result is raw data turned into structured chaos.

I remember opening a webinar in 2020 by saying, "Acquiring digital health records is just the beginning. We must deeply understand how to use the data if we want to realize its true value." For the next ten months, we worked alongside our partners to find the solution because we couldn’t sit by while the industry struggled. Fast-forward to the present, and the industry is poised to take a giant leap.

Swiss Re's partnership with Diameter Health allows us to help you overcome the challenges of using EHRs in life underwriting.

This is the new standard for health data optimization. Diameter Health’s proprietary technology harvests clinical codes from electronic health records and serves up a single longitudinal view of an applicant, as well as data which is ready for use in automation and modeling. Swiss Re then applies industry leading risk knowledge and underwriting expertise to provide an underwriting recommendation. The result is a truly future-ready underwriting process that is faster, smarter and simpler for the end consumer.

It's time to change those numbers by maximizing the value of EHR and clinical health data. Let's work together to supercharge your studies, add new capabilities to your underwriting rules engines, modernize your models and strengthen your technology. With the ability to make sense out of noise, we can light the path to innovation.


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