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How to approach the expected wave of “cured” chronic Hepatitis C applicants

The substantial net benefit of combining improved antiviral treatment and surveillance measures, including non-invasive testing such as Fibroscan and FibroSure/FibroTest, is creating a changed focus for underwriting Hepatitis C.

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COVID-19 clinical presentations: what you need to know from our Medical Officer's time on the front lines

The way COVID-19 patients are diagnosed and their path to recovery has direct relevance to the insurance industry. In this article, Dr Debbie Smith shares her personal experience as a frontline medical doctor in a COVID-19 unit in the NHS, which gave her first-hand experience seeing patients presenting with the viral illness.

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Back and neck pain

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability and disclosure underwritten daily. To help you assess the risk quicker and more holistically, we have changed our ratings in Life Guide. Here's what you need to know: we introduce a new points methodology for assesssing past history, backbone is now connected to the neck bone and different deferred periods and definitions for disability can change the final underwriting decision.

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Flying is the safest it has ever been - we now recommend reducing select ratings to reflect his progress and provide more competitive offer.

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Messenger RNA – the new kid on the block?

Beyond vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, mRNA technology may play a key role in developing vaccines for cancer - substantially contributing to the success of immunotherapy for cancer patients. Futhermore, mRNA therapy could become vital for a variety of inherited or acquired diseases where targeted expressions of proteins are needed.

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HIV and Life Insurance - Changes to Life Guide and underwriting considerations for HIV

One pill a day to treat HIV was once a fantasy, but today many HIV+ individuals take a pill once a day, see their specialist doctor once a year, and are rarely or not at all, restricted in their ability to work. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 70 million people have been infected with the HIV virus and approximately 35 million people have died of HIV.

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