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How does activity affect longevity?

Physical activity profoundly impacts our health and longevity, yet it's been conspicuously absent from the traditional underwriting equation. However, slowly more insurers are exploring the use of physical activity in risk assessment. But how can you embed "activity" in your underwriting process? Should you treat swimming different than running? Does occupational activity have the same benefits as leisure time activity? In this publication we tackle these questions and more

Is sleep the new blood pressure?

Sleep is as universal as eating and breathing. We do it every day and it affects how long we live. Too little – or even too much – also affects our mental health, heart health and more. The more we understand the underlying dynamics of these interactions, the better insurers can leverage sleep data.

This article is also available in Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and French.

We talked with consumers about mental health at the height of the lockdown

We spoke to more than 4,000 consumers across seven markets during the height of lockdown. Conversations were part of an ongoing research project aimed at understanding everyday consumers' thoughts around mental health and where insurance might play a role.

This article is also available in Italian.

Is a mental health pandemic the next threat?

With the medical community now fully engaged in fighting the effects of the COVID-19, it's easy to forget our mental health may also be under attack. In such stressful circumstances, being fearful and anxious might become the norm. When do these understandable reactions to extraordinary happenings become something that a person needs help with? In this article, we'll discuss how much our mental health is affected, and what we might expect when the pandemic recedes.

This article is also available in Hebrew.

Changing minds: How can insurers make a difference on the mental health journey?

Do we fully understand the additional risks and the nuances of the shared symptoms associated with various mental illnesses? How does a history of mental illness affect claims?

This article is also available in German.

Lifestyle factors: The new frontier for risk assessment

Can lifestyle risk factors provide a more accurate – or alternative – risk assessment that insurers can use to create a better experience for your customers? We think so.

This article is also available in German.

Where there's smoke there's fire

The many applications of cannabis are as varied as the controversy surrounding it.  As mainstream acceptance grows, it also raises important questions for insurers. Our L&H Trend Spotlight looks at the trends, facts and impacts you should consider.

This article is also available in Italian and Hebrew.

Cancer screening; What's new, what's coming and what you should consider

With the many advancements in cancer screening, insurers are continually presented with new and sometimes conflicting evidence that could affect underwriting, claims and risk selection.

This article is also available in Hebrew.

Putting testing to the test: Using our body's immune response to fight COVID-19

The effectiveness and availability of accurate tests has largely dictated each country's response to COVID-19. As the world emerges from the crisis, testing will continue to be key and will demand significant investment in time and innovation. Even as the focus shifts from diagnosis to understanding immunity, we will be confronted with more questions on whom to test and what test to use.

This article is also available in French.

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