Magnum Analytics: insights for sharper business decisions

Cutting-edge analytics solution to put your data to work

Magnum Analytics is Swiss Re's state-of-the-art analytics and reporting platform that untangles complex data sets into actionable data insights to help you optimise your business. Its client interface leverages Tableau's industry-leading business intelligence software to create a lean and easy-to-use decision cockpit, where you can identify discrepancies, trends and improvement opportunities at a glance.

Besides its wide array of off-the-shelf reports, Magnum Analytics allows you to create analyses tailored to your business using its embedded self-service web application.

Magnum Analytics is offered as a SaaS solution to Magnum Go and Magnum Pure clients. Swiss Re manages the solution end-to-end, which requires minimal implementation and maintenance effort from you.

With Magnum Analytics, you won't need to build your own data science lab to understand your Magnum data. You can focus on growing your business.

Data Analytics packages for all needs

Optimise your business by enabling data-driven decision-making with Magnum Analytics reports and tools. Magnum Analytics was designed with a broad spectrum of business users in mind, from CXOs to underwriters, product and distribution managers, just to name a few. Its reports and tools cater to the needs of these user groups to yield the most valuable insights from the data within their field of expertise. Magnum Analytics currently offers two packages: Standard Reporting and Advanced Analytics.

The Standard Reporting package provides you with the right reports and tools to understand your data for data-driven business steering. It includes reports and views such as distribution channels, Magnum's effectiveness, your product mix and breakdowns of applicants' disclosures and Magnum's decisioning as well as many other resources that help you to optimise your product mix, product distribution and more.

The Advanced Analytics package offers a set of expert analytics tools and reports to optimise your underwriting journey, including the rulebase and automated decision-making. It includes reports to analyse and compare rulebase versions in-depth as well as the applicants' behaviour as part of the Magnum journey to improve your rulebase, the customer journey and your straight-through processing rate.

Engage with Swiss Re rules writers and data experts

Should you want a more catered approach to analytics, talk to us. Swiss Re's rules writers and data experts can consult and advise you on how you can use Magnum Analytics insights to improve your rulebase.

Key points

  • SaaS analytics solution, managed by Swiss Re
  • Self-service web app, easily accessible via web browser
  • Off-the-shelf analytics tools & reports
  • Different packages available to cater to your specific needs


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