Save time without cutting corners on confidence

Life Guide offers everything at your fingertips so you can find what you need faster and go tackle your next underwriting challenge more quickly.

Intuitive interface

Life Guide's simple navigation makes it easy to drill down to an informed decision.  And because we've built in references and evidence behind every rating and calculator output, you always have the evidence you need to justify a decision. 

  • References and evidence-based underwriting decisions
  • Calculators that simplify the underwriting process for the most common impairments
  • Available in 11 languages
  • Access to personal and shared notes
  • Bookmarks and favourites for quick case underwriting

Knowledge and training

Life Guide doubles as a training tool for new underwriters and a resource that keeps even the most seasoned underwriter up to speed.

  • Underwriting guidance for multiple product types
  • eLearning modules and impairment descriptions for new underwriters
  • Webinars and publications for experienced underwriters
  • Reporting to demonstrate your team's search patterns and identify training opportunities.