Navigating through uncertainty

COVID-19 underwriting guidance available

Updated 15 February 2021

As more research emerges on COVID-19, we update our guidelines in Life Guide to help you navigate through the uncertainty and continue to underwrite with confidence.

What's new:

  • shortened postponement periods for non-hospitalised and hospital 'general ward' admissions.
  • new guidance for persistent symptoms (secondary COVID or post COVID syndrome)

This is a supplement to earlier information that includes:

  • improved wording to reflect changing circumstances
  • guidance around COVID-19 symptoms, but negative antigen test
  • guidance for individuals participating in vaccine trials
  • severity of disease and hospital admission
  • underwriting requirements after COVID-19
  • broader antigen and antibody testing

We've also developed suggested underwriting screening questions which will be available through our Magnum automated underwriting platform.

For more perspective on COVID-19, see our latest collection of L&H Trend Spotlights.


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