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Improving retention in the post-level term period

As level-term policies reach their limit, policyholders can face jaw-dropping rate hikes and insurers deal with soaring shock lapses.  We put our market-leading lapse experience study and behavioural science expertise to work.  Then together with you, we find the most suitable approach for differentiated pricing and messaging to improve renewals.  

The result? 

  • On average, the persistency rate is tripled
  • Mortality rates are cut in half
  • 90% cash flow improvement due to improved persistency and profitability

Improving customer touchpoints

Our client was losing customers across various touchpoints including payments, renewals and reminders.  Using behavioural economics testing on various forms of customer communication from SMS messaging to renewal letters, we found ways to optimise open rates, online registrations, renewals and opt ins to automatic payment.

The result? 

  • 44% increase in automatic payment selection. 
  • 3.5 to 6% renewal increase. 
  • 35% increase in opened emails.

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