Harvest the value hiding in your inforce business

For years we've been analysing lapse patterns and using sophisticated, predictive models and behavioural insights to reduce lapse, strengthen customer relationships and grow the value of inforce portfolios. We've learned from our own business, and now we're applying our proprietary, pragmatic and proven tools and techniques to help you, too.

How does it work?

We combine the power of data, insights on policyholder behaviour and your own customer experiences to jointly design and implement solutions to help keep more customers covered for longer.   It's a joint process that's rigorous, iterative and end-to-end, and reflects your needs and practices . 

Together we work with you to craft a plan,identify areas with the greatest potential,  implement change, track the effects, measure the results and…reap the rewards. 

Tools we use to help

  • Granular lapse benchmarks by market, product and distribution channel
  • Lapse sensitivity analytics
  • Predictive models enabled by machine learning
  • Insights into drivers of consumer lapse based in behavioural science
  • Diagnostics of call centre performance
  • Regulatory insight and product structuring
  • Support for reinsurance negotiations and restructuring

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