Increase loyalty, persistency and improve portfolio value: How you and your customers will benefit

How does it work?

We combine the power of data, insights on customer behaviour and a holistic view of your customers' journey to design and implement solutions that help you keep more customers covered for longer.   It's a joint process that's rigorous, iterative and end-to-end, and reflects your needs and practices . 

Together we work with you to craft a plan, identify areas with the greatest potential,  implement changes, track the effects, measure the results and…reap the rewards. 

Tools we use to help

  • Granular lapse benchmarks by market, product and distribution channel
  • Lapse sensitivity analytics
  • Predictive models enabled by machine learning
  • Insights into what's driving consumers to lapse, based on behavioural science
  • Diagnostics of call centre performance
  • Call centre training to improve save rates
  • Regulatory insight and product structuring
  • Support for negotiations and restructuring

Read the summary and learn more about results like these:

USD 900m economic value driven by 33% lapse reduction

Post-level term management with improved approach to product premium changes.

12% lapse reduction and improved call centre save rate by more than 50%

Reactive and proactive interventions for an insurer that also helped improve renewal rates by 7%.

Moving from the highest lapse rates to among the lowest 

New retention operating model, training and a re-engineered process for an insurer that created a 20% lapse rate reduction.

Did you know?
A 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit.

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