Voices of our beneficiaries: The power of micro insurance

Video The power of insurance is in understanding how claims money is used

Video The power of insurance is when your clients have timely payouts

Video World-best insurance products will mean nothing without dedicated customer service agents

Video The power of insurance comes when your products meet real-life needs

Video The power of insurance is when product, price and process are all working for the client

Video The co-ordinator's perspective: keeping her client's family in business

Together with our partners at Women's World Banking, the Lead Foundation and AXA Egypt, Swiss Re is helping to endure micro health insurance for the Lead Foundation's clients in and around Cairo. When we wanted to understand the impact of Lead's work, we went directly to the women who had used the insurance that is part of the microfinance provided by Lead.

For these women, the power of insurance is real. The money they received to fund their medical treatment, or to keep their businesses up and running is a tangible benefit. It's just one of the ways we are making emerging consumers more resilient.​