Genetic testing and life insurance

What are the opportunities and threats?

After more than 20 years of developments and careful watching, our industry is about to reach a critical "tipping point" on the issue of genetic testing.

Genetic testing kits have gone mainstream, medically prescribed tests are more accessible, and the results promise positive things like early diagnosis and healthier living. However, if not treated in a careful, balanced way, this information could also put life insurers – and the security they provide – in a challenging situation.

We conducted consumer behavioural research in five countries to better understand who is taking genetic tests, what they do with the information and how willing they are to share it in exchange for something of value such as a reduced premium. Our findings show those who take medically prescribed tests and show an increased risk for developing a life-threatening disease, are four times more likely to buy life insurance.

Read more about the rest of the findings in our publication.

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