Best practice approach to assist customers with cancer

This year alone will see over 138,000 Australians diagnosed with cancer and 40% of these people are of working age. There is a huge opportunity to support our customers recovering from cancer and that's why Swiss Re has teamed up with AIA Australia and national rehabilitation provider IPAR to launch a unique program for income protection customers in Australia.

RESTORE CaRe™ Positivum™ is a stepped care model that brings together programs developed by each organisation – AIA Australia's RESTORE CaRe™ program and IPAR's Positivum™ coaching program – and builds on Swiss Re's experience in delivering a cancer rehabilitation service in the UK. The program is currently being piloted with the support of EXPHYS Rehab, the Cancer Council and research partners Monash University and Curtin University.

RESTORE CaRe™ Positivum™ assists customers with cancer to transition from the oncology treatment phase back to wellness and where appropriate, work readiness. The program combines emerging evidence on the role of 'good work' and exercise prescription as part of a tailored recovery plan. Where a customer is able to return to work, the program also provides encouragement and education for the employer and colleagues so that they are best informed on how to support the individual on what can often be quite a challenging journey back into the workplace.

Through ongoing collaboration between Swiss Re, AIA Australia and IPAR we look forward to continuing the journey to engage customers for improved wellness and work outcomes following a cancer diagnosis.

Watch the video to learn more about the program and how it helped Vilma on her journey following her cancer diagnosis.

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