US Medical Reinsurance

Swiss Re's proven reputation for innovative reinsurance and risk management solutions helps clients to optimize capital, manage new areas of risk and achieve operational excellence.

The healthcare landscape grows more challenging and complex every day. Insurers are compelled to revisit underwriting and operational standards due to new regulation surrounding healthcare reform, advances in medical technology, the unidentified cost/utilization of specialty drugs, and the aging population.

There’s more at stake than ever and that demands agility, responsiveness, innovation and financial capacity.

Meeting the challenge

A new market paradigm is emerging for the way health coverage is offered, paid for and delivered that will ultimately impact the risk profile considerably, and in some instances challenge traditional methods of pricing and underwriting.

We help our clients optimize capital, manage new areas of risk and achieve operational excellence in the healthcare landscape. Every company is unique, which is why we work with our clients to help them achieve their objectives.

Our experienced reinsurance and risk management professionals deliver solutions for a wide range of contemporary issues:

  • Affordable Care Act – Consultation on new products and analysis of marketplace and regulatory trends
  • Portfolio management – Traditional and non-traditional reinsurance solutions to meet growth demands associated with fully insured major medical, employer self-insured plans and other medical expense products
  • Medicare Supplement – Market expertise and optimization of pricing strategies
  • Prescription Drug reinsurance programs – Protection against high-cost drugs and utilization
  • Medicare Part D – Helping carriers manage the complexities of prescription drug pricing and its effect on their portfolios

Clients can also access tailored expertise in a variety of disciplines through our extensive network of care management resources:

  • Access to Centers of Excellence for Oncology
  • Hospital and physician bill review
  • Claim/care management audits
  • Specialized case/care management in a variety of diseases
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Specialty imaging and radiology
  • Specialty carve-out (i.e., dialysis, oncology, heart, bariatric, and complex orthopedics through Centers of Excellence)
  • Clinical peer review
  • Trends in medical technology and costs

If you’re a carrier or reinsurance intermediary representing a carrier or MGU, we’re ready to help you embrace the new healthcare paradigm.

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