Swiss Re Remedy

It takes teamwork to create winning outcomes when facing catastrophic health care losses and large case management. That's why we created Swiss Re Remedy. Our customized clinical and claims management expertise, coupled with our carefully selected suite of nationally-recognized US medical vendors and specialty service providers, is a comprehensive approach designed to cover clients from end to end.

Whether navigating the uncertainties of healthcare reform, rapidly advancing medical technology, or managing high-dollar medical risk, Swiss Re is there to provide cost-effective solutions to help manage exposure to healthcare risks and to limit catastrophic losses.

Our service partners specialize in:

•    Transplants
•    Oncology-complex cancers
•    Dialysis & chronic kidney disease (CKD)
•    Imaging
•    Pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) & specialty pharmacy
•    In-network & out-of-network negotiations involving large loss repricing
•    Plan document review
•    Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
•    Fragile patients with post-operative complications
•    Specialized case management
•    Emerging medical technology programs including mobile devices and big data

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For a list of our service providers or to learn more information about our Swiss Re Remedy program for medical management, contact: