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Get future ready, now with Swiss Re's Accelerated Underwriting Optimization program.

While accelerated and fluidless underwriting programs are effective at fast-tracking healthy, simple cases, more complex cases still require the full process with time-consuming and invasive requirements. In fact, the vast majority of carriers have guidelines that allow fewer than 60% of applications to be accelerated. In addition, fewer than 20% of applicants have a change in underwriting rate class because of requested labs. 

More and more carriers today want to incorporate new data to accelerate even more applicants and only order traditional requirements when absolutely necessary. But with so many options, how do you know what the right mix is for each applicant? 

Swiss Re is here to help you cut through the noise, so you can accelerate your process without sacrificing confidence in your underwriting decisions.

We take a data-driven approach to improve and expand your accelerated underwriting program. Together, we'll:

  • Design and develop predictive models to accelerate more cases
  • Evaluate and pilot new data sources to identify where you can replace labs or APS
  • Conduct a cost/benefit analysis to best integrate predictive models and new data sources
  • Review and strengthen your digital application, incorporating behavioral economics to improve disclosures
  • Help clients incorporate new data sources as part of a more dynamic and individualized underwriting process that translates into increased sales without negatively impact mortality

The landscape of new vendors and data sources is rapidly evolving. Whether you’re looking to improve your underwriting case triage process, move toward fluidless underwriting or scale your underwriting process across new channels, Swiss Re stands ready to navigate this growing complexity and determine what data sources and programs are right for you.

Is your underwriting future ready, now?