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Polygenic risk scores: a better cancer predictor for insurers?

Polygenic risk scores are proving to be a powerful tool in the era of genomic medicine. Their application has grown substantially – from predicting common diseases to enhancing risk modelling for various types of cancers. What does this mean for insurers?

Is sleep the new blood pressure?

Sleep is as universal as eating and breathing. We do it every day and it affects how long we live. Too little – or even too much – also affects our mental health, heart health and more. The more we understand the underlying dynamics of these interactions, the better insurers can leverage sleep data.

How to approach the expected wave of “cured” chronic Hepatitis C applicants

The substantial net benefit of combining improved antiviral treatment and surveillance measures, including non-invasive testing such as Fibroscan and FibroSure/FibroTest, is creating a changed focus for underwriting Hepatitis C.

Lifestyle factors: The new frontier for risk assessment 

Can lifestyle risk factors provide a more accurate – or alternative – risk assessment that insurers can use to create a better experience for your customers? We think so.

Changing minds: How can insurers make a difference on the mental health journey?

Do we fully understand the additional risks and the nuances of the shared symptoms associated with various mental illnesses? How does a history of mental illness affect claims?

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