Easier is better with Magnum underwriting solutions

Technology and data have created an on-demand world. People want to be able to buy everything with a click or two. While that’s great for consumer products, it’s been nearly impossible for life insurance, until now.

Magnum unlocks the benefits of instant underwriting, yielding consistent and fast decisions at the point-of-sale. Lengthy applications are a thing of the past because Magnum’s predictive modeling serves up questions based on the applicant’s profile.

What’s more, Magnum puts you on a path to greater growth, innovation and optimization:

  1. Increased sales – Reach new markets, scale up for growth and lower acquisition costs. Tailor products to changes in your customer’s behavior and health, and become a partner in their journey.
  2. Better and faster decisions – Magnum harnesses public data and uses machine learning to serve up personalized questions.
  3. Operational efficiencies – Increase straight through processing and reduce time of application to issuance from days to minutes.
  4. Better controls – Get data insights to manage your portfolio with greater precision and certainty.

Magnum builds on our already strong rules-based system – Life Guide – and improves it with machine learning. So you can accurately and intelligently assess risk and make better, more informed decisions.

Step into the next generation of life underwriting and meet today’s consumer where they live. Make it easier for people to buy insurance, to live healthier, and to love their insurer.

Read how one company boosted its automatic approval from 8% to 50% and won more happy customers with Magnum.

Magnum is the perfect fit, whether you prefer a plug-and-play solution or a customizable suite of solutions.