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Dear Sir/Madam,

2017 was a year in which our industry demonstrated clearly the value it delivers to society. More than USD 130 billion is being paid out by insurers to help individuals and their communities recover from the devastation caused by major disaster events. But is this perfect wave of catastrophes really abnormal? Or is the new norm we can expect as the effects of climate change become more influential? After HIM might come HER. Are we prepared for events which will have a global impact?

Join our sigma natcat webinar on 12 April from 14.00 - 14.45

  • What made 2017 special?
  • How well did we perform as an industry?
  • Why should we be concerned for the near future?
  • How certain can we be about the risk scenario for 2018 and on?
  • How can we make our society more resilient against natcat events?

We're looking forward to a lively discussion with you.

Best regards,

Beatrix Dodgson, Key Account Manager, Swiss Re