Swiss Re program: agenda overview

Event Quickinfo
Date 15 - 17 Nov 2021

Day 1: 15 November 2021 (Monday)
4.30pm – 5.30pm

Fireside chat with Moses Ojeisekhoba, CEO Reinsurance Swiss Re

The industry has proven its mettle as a shock absorber in times of crisis. Against the backdrop of disruption and upheaval resulting from the pandemic, severe weather events continue to impact communities and economies. These events have also served as a wake-up call for greater risk awareness, which has translated into more demand for risk protection, and new insurance solutions. Amidst all this uncertainty, how can we collectively solve problems that tackle systemic risk and enable sustainable progress? 

  • With climate change taking centre stage at the moment, what can the re/insurance industry do to support the climate change movement?
  • What opportunities does the pandemic and an uncertain environment bring?
  • How can technology and data enable sustainable progress?

Moderator: Melanie Ralph, Media expert

Day 2: 16 November (Tuesday)
4.00pm – 4.45pm

Fast forward – How is tech advancing the re/insurance industry?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt. Increased use of technology as more people interact online has raised user expectations and accelerated the digitalisation of business and consumer preferences. A recent Swiss Re study found that 82% of respondents in Asia-Pacific were willing to share their personal data in exchange for additional personalised advice and bespoke health services linked to their insurance policies. How can we bring together this consumer behaviour and technology as means to advance the re/insurance industry and close protection gaps?

  • How is consumer experience shaping technology developments and vice versa?
  • In what way is technology advancing the re/insurance industry? What role can ecosystems play in future-proofing the industry?
  • How can we leverage ecosystems with the customer in mind?

Victor Kuk, Head P&C Reinsurance SID, Swiss Re

Pravina Ladva, Group Digital Transformation Officer , Swiss Re
David Lynch, Group Chief Technology Officer, bolttech
Olivier Michel, Founder and CEO, Ancileo

5.00pm - 5.45pm

Sustainable ESG – Boosting our social impact

Discussion around ESG is accelerating and growing as a strategic focus for re/insurers. Mounting concerns around the environment and the society has increased scrutiny on this topic. Reported greenwashing activities have impacted not only companies across various industries but also communities around the world. What meaningful actions can we take now, both strategically and operationally to ensure we ‘walk-the-talk’? How can our ESG commitments and strategy ultimately provide a framework for a resilient future?

  • How can ESG be embedded into your corporate strategy?
  • What are critical considerations to avoid being labelled greenwashing?
  • What actions can be taken to support the wellbeing of the society?

Karen Tan, CRO Re Asia & Head Risk Mgmt Re L&H, Swiss Re

Russell Higginbotham, Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance Asia / Regional President Asia, Swiss Re
Greg Carter, Managing DIrector, Analytics, AM Best
Yulanda Chung, Head of Sustainability, DBS

Day 3: 17 November (Wednesday)
11.30am – 12.30pm

Mapping sustainability through data

Data is the new gold. With its value rising as a result of the insights harnessed, this has resulted in a corresponding increase in the demand for quality data. Today, technology such as satellites offer unparalleled opportunities in building a more sustainable future. In fact, 39 of the UN's 231 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators can benefit from satellite data. While this data can enhance the insurance industry’s efficiencies in risk modelling and data accuracy, how can they also act as an early warning signal for climate-related risks?

  • What is the value of data for the re/insurance industry?
  • How extensively is data being leveraged at present?
  • How can data and technology be leveraged for planning and recovery efforts related to climate change?

Blake Dimitrijevic, Head P&C Business Management Asia, Swiss Re

Christopher Coe, Head of Agriculture, Southeast Asia, Aon
Darryl Pidcock, Head of PERILS Asia-Pacific
David Schenkel, Senior Solutions Manager, P&C Solutions, Swiss Re

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Putting nature at the heart of decision making

Nature can be one of the most effective climate adaptation measures. It has proven its ability to self-heal, capture carbon and reduce the impacts of weather-related disasters and natural catastrophes. Responsibility lies with both the public and private sector to take nature-positive actions. The re/insurance industry plays an important role in providing insights and facilitating risk transfer on a sustainable basis when it comes to mitigating against increased weather risks – so how can this help create opportunities lie on the horizon and how can we support the public sector to protect this important asset?

Alison Drill, Head P&C Structured Solutions Asia, Swiss Re

Prof Koh Lian Pin, NUS
Akanksha Khatri, Head of Nature and Biodiversity, World Economic
Veronica Scotti, Chairperson Public Sector Solutions, Swiss Re