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Date: 10 September

Duration: 15:00 – 16:00 CET

Attendance is on invitation only

About the webinar

Covid-19 has not just been a public health and economic crisis – it has changed our thinking of national security. 

The pandemic has shifted boundaries for organised crime and has made terrorists reconsider tactics. It has caused societal dislocation, has overlapped with identity politics, and has contributed to protests and unrest. The virus has caused us to re-evaluate the terrible potential of biological attacks; and has stoked tensions in international relations. 

We are privileged to have the opportunity of discussing these issues with Sir John Scarlett, former chief of UK MI6, and John Brennan, former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency. Drawing on their wealth of experience, they will consider how Covid-19 forces us to take stock of security challenges facing business and governments. 

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John Brennen

John Brennen

Distinguished Fellow at the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, a Distinguished Scholar at the University of Texas at Austin, a Senior Advisor at Kissinger Associates Inc.