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Ladies and Gentlemen,

How do we thrive in a competitive digital world? This question clearly indicates that the insurance industry must continue to reinvent itself in order to profit from the digital transformation. It is not simply a matter of reacting to disruptive trends, but of defining and shaping them creatively. Times of uncertainty and rapid change are an opportunity for our industry to prove its great value to individuals and society.

The only question is: Do we have the right business model, the right solutions and the right approach to the customer to deliver on our promise?

Let's discuss how we together can become invaluable partners in our digital society.

You are cordially invited to join NORIS, Swiss Re's Nordic Risk and Insurance Summit, in Helsinki from 27 to 28 August.

We look forward to an exchange on the exciting future of the insurance industry and to seeing you in Finland's capital.

Best regards

Frank Reichelt, Head Northern, Central & Eastern Europe, Swiss Re
Simonetta Guarnerio, Market Head Nordics, Swiss Re
Lars Hansen, Head of L&H Nordics & Baltics, Swiss Re