Life Policy Online

Life Policy Online is a flexible, internet-based solution enabling Swiss Re’s clients in certain markets, with small and medium-sized portfolios, to access their life reinsurance portfolio, manually enter new policies and update existing information.

Life Policy Online offers the following two services to clients using Swiss Re’s Life Administration System (LI-AS) in Continental Europe, Asia, Latin America, Maghreb and the Middle East:


Life Policy Online - Input is designed for clients preferring not to transfer data electronically into LI-AS. The Input application is recommended for small and medium-sized portfolios with a small amount of data that can easily be handled manually. Its functionality enables new policies to be submitted, and allows existing policies in the reinsured portfolio to be amended.


Life Policy Online - Output enables clients to look up information relating to a particular item of reinsured business, including the identities of assured lives, details of the extent of the reinsurance cover and data on premiums paid.


Both systems are available 24 hours a day. Access is controlled with a login and SecurID token. Data transfer is via a 128-bit SSL-encrypted connection.

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