Tsutomu Nemoto Claims Specialist Life & Health Business Management

Tsutomu Nemoto applies his in-depth public health and data analytics project management expertise in human morbidity and mortality trends for better portfolio steering and for strategic forecasting of emerging risks. Since joining Swiss Re in January 2016, at the time as a Life and Health R&D Manager, he has also led the application of behavioural economics techniques with local insurers as well as genetics thought leadership in Japan.

Prior to joining Swiss Re, Tsutomu Nemoto led product and professional marketing at Align Technology Japan and helped launch and localise several orthodontic products in Japan. He also worked for a research consulting firm and led numerous marketing research projects to launch and promote pharmaceutical pipelines as well as medical devices.

Tsutomu Nemoto holds a Master's degree in Health Sciences in International Health from the University of Tokyo, and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Tsukuba.

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