Thomas Hany Radiologist and Nuclear medicine physician FMH Radiologie und FMH Nuklearmedizin

Thomas Hany is a double board certified radiologist and nuclear medicine physician with a medical degree form the University of Zurich with a strong interest in oncological and vascular imaging, especially PET/CT imaging with different tracers.

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Further, optimization of  radiology and nuclear medicine operations to serve the clinical community has been a special focus in clinical routine.

After a fellow-ship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison with emphasis on non-invasive vascular and cardiovascular imaging, he had the possibility to introduce one oft the world-wide first PET/CT systems at the University Hospital in Zurich. After several years holding a position as an attending physician he is now in private practice responsible for nuclear medicine operations at a large scale private radiology group in the region of Zurich and senior lecturer at the University of Zurich.