Tatjana von Bormann WWF Programme Impact Lead WWF South Africa

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Tatjana von Bormann, WWF Programme Impact Lead, has been at WWF South Africa for 13 years, progressing from manager of food and markets to her current position.

As the Impact Lead she holds primary responsibility for the development, design, planning and delivery of the strategic outcomes of the organisation. Her work is focused on ensuring net positive impact of the teams responsible for traditional WWF portfolios (including Freshwater, Marine, Land & Biodiversity Stewardship, and Wildlife) as well as the multidisciplinary teams that focus on some of the key challenges at the intersection of society and the environment, among them climate and energy, food systems, plastic pollution and sustainable urban settlements.

Tatjana also serves as a member of the WWF international leadership team focusing on markets and innovation. This international team informs WWF thinking and responses to marine plastic pollution and other environmental challenges.