Sutee Mokkhavesa, Ph.D Senior Executive Vice President Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL.

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Sutee Mokkhavesa is the Senior Executive Vice President of Risk, Strategy & Transformation at Muang Thai Life Assurance. In his work, he has set up two subsidiaries of Muang Thai Group, Fuchsia VC and Aigen. Aigen is an Intelligence as a Service company focusing on helping portfolio companies realize the full potential of artificial intelligence.

He also consults for various financial institutions such as the Government Housing Bank where he oversees the management of financial risks, including credit, market and liquidity risks.

He has worked closely with the financial regulators in Thailand including the Bank of Thailand, The Securities and Exchange Commission and The Office of Insurance Commission. He assisted the OIC in implementing Thailand's first Risk Based Capital regime. Recently, he was involved with the implementation of RBC II.