Stephen Hutchings Head of Software JBA Risk Management

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Stephen Hutchings is Head of Software at JBA Risk Management, the award-winning global specialists in flood risk mapping and modelling. He joined the company in 2010 to develop JBA’s own probabilistic loss modelling application, and has worked with the Oasis team since 2011. He has advised and supported development and analysis of single- and multi-peril loss models, which include JBA’s flood models for the UK, Europe, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and tropical hurricane, and has contributed to global flood risk exposure assessments. Today his teams are responsible for a range of software tools which JBA uses to build and analyse its natural hazard maps and models. He has a keen interest in developing ever faster, scalable and joined-up software systems. Stephen holds degrees in Scientific Computing and in Environmental Science; prior to his JBA career he spent 14 years developing large software projects in the finance and telephony sectors.