Stephan Dyckerhoff President and CEO Buurtzorg Asia and Buurtzorg China

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German, married, 5 children, based in Shanghai (since 2005)

  • PHD/MbA in Business Administration (University St. Gallen/CH)
  • 4 years St. Gallen Foundation for International Studies (NPO)
  • 6 years consumer goods company (dairy industry) in West-Germany and East-Germany (Finance, Sales, General Manager)
  • 13 years in Cap Gemini Group in Germany/Switzerland/China  (consulting)
  • 2008-2013 President North Asia of Swedish consumer goods & elderly care company SCA. In 2011 started up China’s first home nursing company (Jiahu) as a pilot project for SCA
  • 2014: Start to build up Buurtzorg Asia as a Joint Venture with the Dutch Buurtzorg Group. Launched businesses and projects in Japan, China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hongkong