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Simon Bourne CEO my mhealth limited

Simon Bourne is the CEO of my mhealth limited and consultant in innovation at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS trust, UK.

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He qualified from University College London in 1995 and specialised in respiratory medicine. He took up a role as lead COPD consultant and senior lecturer at University Hospital Southampton in 2007 and took most of his practice from the trust into the community within the first 3 months. Realising innovation was key to reaching COPD patients, and others with long term conditions in the community he set up new community pathways within Southampton City.

In 2011 he founded the company my mhealth limited to develop technology for patients. The company comprises of clinicians, web designers, media developers and sales to deliver solutions for patients and clinicians by empowering them to manage their long term condition. The company has evidence from several trials of significant behavioural change in patients using these products in terms of improved symptom reporting, adherence to medication, improved use of inhalers and better lifestyle choices. The platforms can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet. The portfolio currently comprises of solutions for patients with asthma, COPD and diabetes; and with a long pipeline of development will deliver a muti-morbidity platform to all those suffering with more than one long term condition.

In 2015 simon became one of the first NHS National Innovation Accelerator Fellows to help deliver the 5 year forward view after independent health economic analysis from the department of health identified massive savings to the UK health economy and improved outcomes using these digital solutions.