Shehrina Kamal Product Director, Risk Monitoring DHL Resilience 360

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For the past 12 years, Shehrina Kamal has held various roles in product innovation, business development, partner management, and communication in the logistics industry, which she was initiated into through her work at the Deutsche Post DHL Group. Since 2013 she has been part of the product development efforts of Resilience360, a cloud-based supply chain risk management solution. Resilience360 enables companies to visualize, track, and mitigate risks in their supply chain. Its suite of solutions enables intuitive visualization of supplier networks, tracks shipments across different modes and lanes, and permits near real-time monitoring of incidents capable of disrupting supply chains.

Born at the world’s largest logistics company DHL and incubated in their Global Innovation Center, Resilience360 provides companies with an end-to-end supply chain risk assessment and monitoring solution to ensure business continuity, identify critical hotspots to mitigate risks, and turn potential disruptions into a competitive advantage. The solution provides companies a first mover advantage in detecting and verifying risks using both Artificial Intelligence and a human network of DHL employees in 220 countries and territories. The platform makes use of vast databases as well as advanced analytical and incident identification tools to allow near real-time monitoring of possible disruptions, such as natural disasters, weather issues, cargo impact, political instability, or cyber-attacks, so that risks can be mitigated before they cause financial or reputational damage.

In her current role as the Product Director for Risk Monitoring at Resilience360, she leads a global team of risk analysts to identify and monitor disruptive events that can impact supply chains. In this capacity, she is also responsible for product development & strategy, intelligence coverage, and strategic partnerships, and steers the direction of the risk monitoring product based on customer requirements and market feedback. Her work involves working closely with both large corporations and non-governmental organizations to gain better visibility into their risk landscapes and glean actionable information. She is also driving efforts to better classify and standardize risk monitoring, as well as to achieve greater relevancy of such information for the logistics industry.

Prior to DHL, Shehrina worked for an international development consultancy firm supporting stakeholder engagement initiatives for media and business chambers back in her home country Bangladesh. She studied Economics at North South University, Bangladesh and holds an MBA from Mannheim Business School, Germany.