Robert Green Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH is Professor of Medicine (Genetics) at Harvard Medical School and directs the G2P Research Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Broad Institute. Dr. Green is an internationally recognized leader in developing research and policy to accelerate the implementation of genomic and precision medicine.

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Research accomplishments include having led the first experimental trials disclosing genetic risk for common complex disease and the first prospective studies of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services. He currently leads the first NIH funded randomized trials to explore the implementation of medical sequencing in adults (the MedSeq Project) and newborns (the BabySeq Project), as well as the first sequencing studies in the US military. His research established the safety and feasibility of disclosing various forms of genetic risk information, assessed the impact of whole genome sequencing in primary care, created the concept of aggregate penetrance of genomic variants in a prospective population cohort and demonstrated the safety and feasibility of genomic sequencing in healthy newborns. He has published over 300 scientific papers and in 2014 won the Coriell Prize for Scientific Achievement in Personalized Medicine.

Dr. Green was lead author on the influential recommendations for managing incidental findings in clinical sequencing from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, and leads the development of policy around returning unanticipated genomic information to research participants within the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health and for the anticipated 1 million participants currently being recruited into the US Precision Medicine Initiative All of Us Research Program.

In addition to numerous scientific presentations, Dr. Green has spoken at the Forbes Healthcare Summit, World Science Festival, Exponential Medicine, Aspen Ideas Festival, SXSW, Asian Healthcare Leadership and JP Morgan. His work and commentary are regularly featured in print, radio and television.