Image of Ping Ji

Ping Ji 姬萍 Life & Health R&D Modeller at Swiss Re Institute 瑞再研究院寿险与健康险研发团队建模师

Ping Ji is a Life & Health R&D Modeller at Swiss Re Institute. She is working on China Deep Cancer Research and provides support on forward-looking cancer models from the medical and biostatistician perspective.

Prior to joining Swiss Re, Ping worked as a Senior Epidemiologist for a Tech company in China being responsible for data projects like Risk Factor studies for Antimicrobial Resistance or Health Economics and Outcomes Research. Before this position Ping gained hospital experience at Chinese PLA General Hospital and had been a faculty in Peking University Health Science Center.  

Ping holds Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and Master of Medicine and Bachelor of Science from Peking Union Medical College.