Pietro Biroli Assistant Professor of Economics University of Zurich

Pietro Biroli obtained his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago. He is also affiliated to the UBS Center of Economics in Society, and research affiliate at the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development at UZH, IZA, fRDB, and HCEO.

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Pietro’s research focuses on the early origins and life cycle evolution of health and human capital. Specifically, he explores the importance of genetics, family investment, and childhood interventions in explaining health and economic inequality. While genetic endowments are fixed at birth, they can influence decisions such as healthy behaviors or investments in human capital, and interact with features of the social and economic environment. By changing the environment, targeted interventions and optimal choices of investments can reduce the risk of carrying certain genetic variants.

With his work, Pietro aims to understand the mechanisms through which effective policy interventions and optimal choices of investment can help mitigate innate inequalities and promote health and human capital development.