Pierre Hutter Chief Scientific Officer Sophia Genetics

Pierre Hutter is Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Sophia Genetics. He is one of the most renowned medical geneticists in Switzerland.

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He completed his PhD in genetics in Edinburgh and his postdoctoral work in Cambridge (UK). He discovered the landmark speciation gene Hmr (Hybrid male rescue) in Drosophila, which has become the most studied gene in the field of reproductive isolation. Between 2005 and 2011 he was co-director of the Geneva University laboratory of Predictive Oncology, one of the two reference laboratories for the study of cancer predisposition. As head of the Medical Genetics Service of the Valais hospital, Dr. Hutter was involved in the development of genetic diagnoses based on high-throughput sequencing, worked as a consultant for a private laboratory, and is an expert of accreditation of molecular genetics laboratories. He represents the Swiss Society of Medical Genetics at the FAMH commission of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.