Pierre-Mikael Legris Chief Executive Officer Pryv SA

Entrepreneur to the core, solution development as a passion.

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A Swiss-French computer engineer from EPFL who grew on open-source software, began freelancing and getting involved in a startup before being graduated. He launched his own consulting company soon after, designing custom software solutions. However his adventures in entrepreneurship took a pause as he was diagnosed with severe leukemia and had a bone marrow graft.

The next 6 years were mostly fighting for recovery, but he did some consulting, continued coding by passion, and was hired by a non-profit foundation for disabled children. It was then that he realized he was tracking many things very important for himself, starting with work time for his consulting activities and the need to track medication intake and contextual notes. Existing regulations regarding data forced him to take a 90 minute drive to the hospital instead of simply using an app to submit new data.

While he was not able to find a really satisfactory solution, he decided to get into Pryv SA providing a decentralized tracking solution with a privacy-centricity.

Now and since 2012, the unique engine of pryv.io, a privacy and data management set of software tools, has empowered numerous organizations to design user- and patient-centric data solutions.