Philippe Welti Former ambassador to India and Iran

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Philippe Welti retired from the Swiss Diplomatic Service after accomplishing missions as ambassador to India (including Bhutan) and to Iran, where he was also in charge of the USA Protecting Power mandate. Prior to those two missions, Philippe Welti was, from 1998 until 2004, seconded to the Swiss Defence Ministry in Berne in the capacity of Political Director with the rank of ambassador. In that position, he was in charge of strategic affairs, security policy and the minister’s international relations and he represented the minister at NATO Ministerial Conferences as State Secretary. Earlier diplomatic postings abroad included Bonn (Germany) as Deputy Chief of Mission, London and New York. Before joining Switzerland’s Diplomatic Service in 1979, Philippe Welti served one year, 1977-1978, as liaison officer in the Swiss delegation of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission for Korea (NNSC) in Panmunjom (DMZ), Korea.

Philippe Welti, a Swiss national, was born 1949 in Zurich, served in the Swiss Armed Forces as an infantry officer (First Lieutenant), studied in Zurich and Paris, holds two university degrees of the University of Zurich and, since retiring from diplomatic service, lives again in Zurich.