Philipp Dohmen Architect Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.nds ETHZ, Co-founder Bauen digital Schweiz

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Philipp Dohmen is the head of digitalization at the Amberg Group in Switzerland. He is a lateral thinker, strategist for information technology and expert for virtual design and construction.

He studied architecture in Germany and Switzerland, had his own architecture office in Cologne Germany and was a research assistant at the Chair for CAAD from Ludger Hovestadt at ETH Zurich. He switched to construction industry in 2008 and was in charge of digitalization and technology transfer at Halter Ag in Zurich.

In 2012 he became a member of the steering committee at the NGO organization BuildingSMART Schweiz and he switched to Drees & Sommer to manage the topic of BIM and digitalization across the group. In 2016 he was founder of „Bauen digital“ the only swiss organization which covers the whole value chain from real estate to construction industry for the topic of digitalization. Since then he is in the management board and steering committee and also he also is vice president of the KIN (Commission for Informatics) at SIA. Last year he joined the Amberg Group to organize the change within the four companies.