Peter Schalk Associate Director Public Programs & Business Development Naturalis

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Dr Peter H Schalk is deputy director of Naturalis (Sector Public and Market) since 2014, and responsible for the museum, education, business development and commercial exploitation. Before that he was managing director of ETI Bioinformatics, an organisation under the umbrella of UNESCO that focused on the free and open access sharing of biodiversity data. Peter was Chair of the Governing Board of GBIF (2014-2018) a global organisation in which 50 countries and 60 international organizations collaborate in the field of biodiversity informatics. He is Executive Secretary of the Catalogue of Life, which produces a continuously updated index of validated species names, an essential tool to sensibly connect databases on biological diversity. Peter holds a PhD in marine biology and worked as a senior researcher at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Research and the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.