Paul Henshaw Director of Technology and Development GEM Foundation

Paul is Director of Technology and Development at the GEM Foundation where he leads the Software Development and IT team and is responsible for the overall operations of the Foundation.

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Mr Henshaw oversees the development of GEM’s open-source software suite, OpenQuake which comprises a multi-platform calculation engine for seismic hazard and risk, a QGIS plugin providing an integrated GIS environment for development of social vulnerability models and a web based platform to support and encourage sharing of data and models useful for seismic risk assessment. He has over 24 years of work experience in private and public-sector organizations across three countries, including particular expertise leading software development teams and the management of international and interdisciplinary projects. Paul has been actively involved in open-source software development since 1997 and is familiar with the most common open software and data licenses. He also has several years’ experience with the design, and evolution of geospatial databases and their integration with community based web platforms and desktop client software.