Natalie Wisniewski Co-founder and CTO Profusa, Inc

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Dr. Wisniewski leads biosensor technology development at Profusa, Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inventor of Profusa’s tissue-integrating biosensor platform, she is a recognized leader in understanding the body’s reaction to foreign materials and the design of implantable sensors. She is the Principle Investigator on over $23M USD of grants for in vivo biosensor technology development from the US National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Defense Advanced Research Project Administration (DARPA).

Prior to her career in the life sciences industry, she was a business consultant at McKinsey & Company where she served financial institutes and health care systems in the areas of risk management and growth strategy. Previously she worked in the consumer products industry at Kimberly-Clark. Natalie earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from Purdue University, and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Duke University in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute where she developed her passion for continuous monitoring of body chemistries.