Mohsen Khorshid International Payer Strategy Leader Molecular Information, F. Hoffmann-La Roche

My Name is Mohsen Khorshid. I have computer science background. Later on I have specialized in Bioinformatics and the use of genomic profiling in understand biological/regulatory pathways in the cell.

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Having finished my PhD I worked as scientist in the R&D department of major pharmaceutical company. In the past 4 years I moved to sales and marketing to use my analytical expertise in health technology assessment of Roche pharmaceutical products to provide supportive evidence for market access through 3rd party public payer in global Roche affiliates. Since this year I work as Intl Payer Strategy Leader for Foundation Medicine diagnostic services and responsible for setting up and leading Global Payer Evidence Team (GPET) and mapping out clinical and economic evidence requirements relevant to 3rd party payers for all IPST countries, Recommending payer evidence plan to International Medical Team and ensure proper inclusion of them into the Annual Medical Plan. Engagement with the medical affairs and real world data science group to facilitate economic models and evidence generation.