Image of  Minfu He

Minfu He 何民富 Life & Health R&D Manager, Swiss Re Institute 瑞再研究院寿险与健康险研发经理

Minfu He is a Life & Health R&D Manager at Swiss Re Institute. He is working on research related to Life & Health Pricing and Underwriting. His research areas include drivers of Critical Illness such as risk factors and screening, as well as understanding trend through modelling.

Minfu joined the National Center for Chronic and Non-communicable Disease Control and Prevention at China CDC as an epidemiologist focusing on cancer research. After leaving China CDC, he worked for Merck and Johnson & Johnson in the fields of Biostatistics and Epidemiology. Before joining Swiss Re, he was Chief Science Officer of Generalized Observational Health Data Analytics, leading standardization of Electronic Medical Records and Real-World Study in collaboration with an alliance of over 100 hospitals.

Minfu holds a Doctor's degree in Social Medicine and Health Service Management from Jilin University, as well as Master's degree in Epidemiology & Health Statistics and Bachelor's degree in Preventive Medicine from Peking University.